The Mocking Bird If Analysis

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Question 1:- IF is a beautiful poem written by Rudyard Kipling. IF is inspiring and motivating. The poem gives a lesson on how one should live his/her life and overcome the challenges and adversities of life. The poem can be related in many ways to the ideas presented in the book- "The Mocking Bird". In the first stanza of the poem the writer points out the importance of staying calm and collected when the people around you are losing their calm. In this stanza, Kipling also emphasizes the importance of self trust and the ability of understanding others even when they disagree with you. Kipling also shows the virtues of patience and emphasizes that even when people lie to you, you should keep your calm and patience, when people hate…show more content…
In the second stanza of the poem, Kipling advises that we should be able to dream, but also stay realistic. Kipling points out that life has both successes and failures and you should be able to handle both. He emphasizes that it is important that we keep the ability of starting over even after failures and disappointments. In the novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird", Atticus fights the high profile case of Tom Robinson and works very hard to prove Tom 's innocence but he never loses the touch with reality. He understands that there is prejudice in the society against black people and that even though he tried his best, he could lose the case since he had not seen a jury deciding in favor of a black man. He understands the facts of life but stays committed to the truth. He knows that he would have to appeal jury 's decision in case Tom Robinson is found guilty. In the next stanza, Kipling points out that in life when you lose everything, you must be also willing to forget about your loss. He advises that you will need to keep your "Will" alive in the most challenging circumstances even though you feel that you are physically and emotionally beaten. In the novel, To
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