The Modern Conservatism Movement

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Modern conservatism a key term coined by republicans is a period in which the government passes laws regulating things such as lower taxes, stronger national defense, and minimal government involvement in environmental regulations. Ronald Regan was amongst one of the presidents that affirmed the modern conservatism movement. During his acceptance speech he spoke of the many changes that would take place during his presidential term. First, and first most he believed that taxes had to be cut down by 30% over the next three years. He also considered employees who were not benefiting the government or government programs were a waste of money. He strongly believed that the government worked for the people and since the people funded government spending “any program that represented…show more content…
The army bought more-powerful tanks, more-accurate artillery, and dozens of other weapon systems” (Brands, 190). This marked the beginning of the Strategic Defense initiative project. In addition, many environmental regulations that had been passed in the 1970s had weakened during Regan’s presidency. Environment deregulations benefitted airlines and industries. The belief in god is another key element in modern conservatism. Although, Farwell got credit for given Regan the conservative Christian vote Regan did not give Christian conservatives all they wanted and compromises had to be made. They did however remove Darwin’s theory from being taught in classrooms. Teachers also had to advocate pro-abstinence as being the only effective form of birth control. The bush administration continued the nations defense effort. Bush formed alliances against Iraq during Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, this was part of the “new world order”. Bush’s consideration of a stronger national defense was evident after he “vowed to go to war even without congressional
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