The Modern Hero In Natalie Babbitt's Fantasy And The Classic Hero

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The idea of a hero has changed dramatically throughout time. As traumatic and trying experiences have occurred, and societies ideas of ways the earth works have changed, the definition of a hero have changed with it. While the classical hero was one that slew dragons, evil beings, terrors, and had superhuman abilities, the modern hero has evolved to be one who puts others before themselves and could be any ordinary person. Classical heroes are beings with superhuman abilities who complete the hero 's journey; fulfilling a mission by slaying terrors and evidently returning home to become celebrated and awarded for their immeasurable deeds and acts of bravery. A classical hero is special because they are the ONLY PERSON who could complete their journey. They get a special summons specifically for them and then are put through a trial of tests to accomplish that task. However, the hero generally survives, and although they encounter some pretty scary and life-threatening experiences, there is normally an added object (rather it be living or not) to help the hero accomplish his or her goal. As put in the article, “Fantasy and the Classic Hero” by Natalie Babbitt, “If it weren’t for these protective figures or devices...the hero would never be able to survive the trials of his or hers to come.” Therefore, because they are given an extra boost of support and guidance, the hero is able to accomplish their individualized mission, designed to only make THEM suffer. Ultimately,

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