The Modern Management Theory: The Art Of Management

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The art of managing is very pivotal in today’s world. It is because neither the centralized control of an organization nor individual planning can be practical to face the fast stream of the world. As things are getting bigger and more baroque, the operation of the rigid company has started to be inefficient, group work without any plan might not hold on, which finally leads to the inception of management. Management is a time-bounded set of beliefs, ideas, and practices by which to organize public and private organizations (Keulen & Kroeze, 2014). To begin with, in the first place, most organizations applied the classical management theory which held the belief of employees that possessed economical needs, social needs and job satisfaction are either not important or not exist. Nevertheless, this theory is narrowing sociology’s intellectual scope and cannot solve certain cultural dilemmas (Connel, 1997). The Neoclassical theory then appeared to solve the problem which is a human-oriented theory that emphasizes on the need of behavior, attitudes, time and drives of individuals (Kitana, 2016). However, this theory is time-consuming and inefficient and to face the high consumerism, competitors and digital technology in this century, born the new appliance of modern management theory that focused towards the complex employee’s view and applied the philosophical view (Dent & Bozeman, 2014). The purpose of this essay is to sketch the pictures of how important the modern
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