The Modern Movement: Response To The Victorian Culture And World War I

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THE MODERN MOVEMENT To begin with we must first answer the What, When, Where, And Why Of the philosophical movement which we call the Modern Movement. The Modern Movement was a philosophical movement that arose as a response to the Victorian culture and World War I. It was a radical change in the mindset of the people. There are a lot of different opinions on when the movement began. But it is mostly believed that the movement began in the 19th century. It began in England to overthrow the dominant trends of Victorian England. A lot of factors added to its rise. The industrial revolution was another very massive factor that contributed to it. The development in modern industrial societies and growth of cities were also important. Now talking about the causes for rise of modernism. Modernism was a mere approach of the rebellious mood the people had towards life, art, science and politics. This approach was sought after because the European culture had simply become too corrupt and lethargic. It felt as if the society was too concerned about its image and too scared to change. This dissatisfaction of people with their society led artists to explore and search for alternative cultures. What also played a big part of the constantly changing culture was that in the 20th century there were scientific discoveries and technological innovations almost on a daily basis. Now moving on to the causes of modernism. In February 1913, an art show opened in New York that featured the

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