The Modern Prometheus In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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When you read the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley you may oversee something very important that could possibly answer many questions for you. One question it has answered for me was what was the purpose for writing Frankenstein and to me it really doesn 't have much to do with it just being a horror story. To me it is about a man who defy 's the laws of nature and because of that experienceses the after math of bringing the deceased back to life. Now another thing that may be racing through your mind is why exactly would Mary Shelley title this The Modern Prometheus. Well, in my research I had found out that according to Rebecca Dudczak the one reason was that Pometheus experiences consequences from power and enlightenment,(Dudczak) just as Victor Frankenstein does in the novel. Experiencing consequesnes is the first reason Frankenstein is considered The Modern Prometheus. The inquiry for power and enlightenment and not being precautious of what could happen if you temper with the laws of nature. The consequences in Frankenstein can be compared with the original story Prometheus because there is an abundance of tragedy in this story and it seems to repeat itself as it does in Prometheus. The monster continues to strangle and kill multiple people and the bird continues to attack and eat the liver of prometheus. It is a repetitive consequence and it all originates from the selfishness of trying to attain the power and enlightenment of the unknown. Prometheus
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