The Mohicans Movie Vs Book

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The Last of the Mohicans movie begins in the year of 1757 in the American colonies, and the British and French are in their third year of war in the The French and Indian War. Nathaniel Poe, also known as Hawkeye, does not want to get involved with the war. Hawkeye is a white male, who lives in the wilderness with his adopted Mohican brother, Uncas, and adopted Mohican father, Chingachgook. Major Duncan Heyward, a British Redcoat, and Magua, a Huron Native American, lead the 35th Regiment Foot and the two daughters of English Colonel
Monroe, Cora and Alice, to Fort William Henry. Fort William Henry is a British fort that was created to try to keep the French out of the American colonies. While walking to the fort Heyward, Cora, and Alice are
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Only a few of the major characters were based on real people of the French and Indian War. These include Louis-Joseph, the French general, and George Monroe, the British general. The film was based on the novel with the same title. The novel was written by American author James Fenimore Cooper in 1826, and it was the second book in Cooper’s Leatherstocking series. The majority of the plot in the novel and the film are the same except for a few details. For example, in the novel Hawkeye leaves the British army to live in the wilderness rather than in the film where it was said that his biological family was killed and he was adopted by Chingachgook. In addition to that, Cora is the one who dies in the end in the novel, not Alice. 2 However, the film was mostly based on the 1936 film with the same title. It was directed by George Seitz. The plot for the 1936 film correlated with the 1992 film more than the novel, but yet again there are a few details changed, such as Hawkeye being in love with Alice instead of Cora in the 1936…show more content…
The French and Indian War was a war between the French, Canadians, and their Native American allies against the British and the American settlers over border control and territories in North America from 1754-1763. The war was brought on when the French Canadians had created Fort Duquesne, without consulting the British or Americans, in modern day Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and this land was British land. Disputes over land began to escalate, and forts were being built to keep the enemy out of the other people’s lands. Canadians and their Native American allies attacked the British and Americans in Pennsylvania and New York. Many of the British armies retaliated against the Native Americans by attacking their villages. In the end, the British would win the French and Indian War and gain ownership of Canada, most of the former French Louisiana, and a part of
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