Swot Analysis Of Polypropylene

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Question 1 Question Topic: A1 – Identification of Materials – Physical Characteristics Question: Given the Monomer Unit structure below answer the following: A: Name the plastic relating to it B: Write the density for both amorphous and crystalline (in g/cm^3) C: List 2 things commonly made with it. D: CALCULATE the molecular weight of polypropylene (g/mol) Answer: The plastic relating to the monomer structure above is Polypropylene. (PP) Polypropylene is one of the lower density fibers. The density for amorphous is 0.855 g/cm^3 and the density for crystalline is 0.946 g/cm^3. Polypropylene usually polymerizes by addition. Polypropylene is most commonly used to make car batteries, carpet, and food containers. Because of polypropylene’s…show more content…
Figure 1 is a plain arch. Figure 2 is a radial loop. Figure 3 is an ulnar loop. Figure 4 is a tented arch. Figure 5 is an accidental whorl. Figure 6 is a plain whorl. Figure 7 is a central pocket loop. Figure 8 is a double loop whorl. Whorls have 2 or more deltas, if a fingerprint has more than two deltas; it means it is an accidental whorl. Arches have no deltas. Tented arches have a triangular shape in the middle, which distinguishes it from the plain…show more content…
Calculate “i”/angle of impact. Solution: The formula for angle of impact is θ=arcsine (W/L). The width in the triangle is 3m and the length is 16m. Sine i= width / length. Sine i=3m/16m= .1875 Inverse Sine I (.1875)=10.80 the angle of impact is between 10-11° Question 15 Topic: B2 – Analysis of Materials – Fingerprints Question: What is dactylography? What are fingerprints mainly composed of? Explain the 3 types of fingerprints forms when they are found. What do the ridges on our fingers help us do? Solution: Dactylography is the study of fingerprints. Fingerprints are mainly composed of water and sweat although they can also contain organic and nonorganic compounds. The 3 types of fingerprints are visible, impression and latent. Visible are fingerprints that can be easily seen. Impressions are made in soft material and they are not as easy to see as visible. Latent are invisible fingerprints. The ridges on our fingers that create fingerprints help us pick things

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