The Moment Everything Change In Macbeth

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The Moment Everything Changed In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the turning point for the character Macbeth is when his sanity and morals are altered in Act II Scene ii after Macbeth has killed King Duncan. which makes him act differently. To begin with killing King Duncan greatly influenced Macbeth’s mental stability and dramatically alters the way, Macbeth thinks as he now does not feel safe in his own skin, as he fears someone will catch him. As Macbeth looks for Lady Macbeth to tell her he has done the deed he sees Lady Macbeth and asks, “didst thou not hear a noise?” (II. ii. 19) trying to convince himself that it is not all in his head. At this point in the play, it is very clear Macbeth’s mental state is completely altered, and his mind is

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