The Moment Of Inspiration Speech

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Moment of Inspiration

When you were just starting out, did you receive any encouragement from your family and friends, your community, and other artists? How did you feel then?

Now that you are an established artist, do you offer encouraging words for new artists? Why do you do it? How do you feel?

The power of our tongue, the impact of our words

Throughout our life of art, we have come across people whose words either lift us up or put us down. We, as artists, should realize our creative power always affect everyone around us and bear wonderful – and even downright evil – outcomes. With our hands, we either create or destroy.

The same is true with our words. Our tongue is a two-edged sword. With our words, we either encourage or discourage someone who would like to follow in your footsteps and pursue art. Every word that we speak has the power to inspire creativity or else stifle it, to bring out the artist in everyone or kill the dream.
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Any inspirational words of encouragement could mean a lot to an artist who is about to give up, who faces continuous rejection and does not have the support of the people in their life.

On the other hand, your destructive words may not only cause deep wounds but also destroy someone’s desire to create art. Your destructive, careless words can destroy their capacity to dream.

There are not a few artists who have given up art at some point in their lives not due to poor support or lack of feedback but rather the hurtful words they received that made them feel inferior and unworthy of their craft.

As our works of art have the power to spellbind people, our words have a lasting impact on people and may influence how they proceed in their art.

Be careful what you say. Speak positive words to those who want to become like you and many others who came before

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