The Importance Of Caregiving In A Child's Life

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Being grateful

My profound sense of gratitude is partly due to the fact that I experienced different standards of living that are considerably lower than that of mine. This allowed me to develop a new sense of appreciation for everything that I previously took for granted. The other part is my involvement in the children’s lives, and learning about their different backgrounds. Twenty-three children, each one with an exceptionally heart-wrenching story. The majority of the children have experienced some form of abuse by the hand of a family member. however, although these children have experienced horrible things throughout their childhood, most of them still have big hearts.

Being in The Moment

While we attempt to teach children the meaning of life, children evidently teach us what it means to be alive. The best place to learn about living in the moment is to spend a couple of hours with children. The children at Masizame were so full of excitement and energy. I find it staggering that one moment you find them crying their eyes out or having
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It is vital for them to learn the principals and disciplines they require to succeed in life. Furthermore, I discovered that my mother (a single parent) did something that no one else could have possibly done: she truly believed in me! On the one hand I saw children who were extremely shy and the minute they were confronted by something negative they would go silent for hours. Then on the other hand I saw some of the outspoken children who would fly into a rage and destroy everything they could get their hands on. The different reactions that the children had on similar situations justified the importance of having a stable foundation to develop from. I believe that the different forms of abuse or neglect that the children endured, led to their different
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