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The Sangha or the Church is one of three elements in Trinity, which is sometimes Buddhists called the Three Jewels, or Triple Gems. Before anyone starts learning the Sangha, that one must learn Trinity first because all of the three formed the important part of the creed, the religious belief. Trinity consists of three faiths for Buddhists. Buddhism was the earliest tradition with taking refuge in a Trinity known as Triratna - or the three treasures of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. The first faith is in Buddha, which means that Buddhists offer faith to the teacher. The next faith pays attention in Dhamma, or Buddhists pay faith to the Doctrines. The final faith pays attention in Sangha or Buddhists pay faith to the Church. In fact, this word church is called to have the same definition like Western Christian called.
The Buddha or the first jewel is the way that Buddhists take refuge. Refuge in this situation is more like to find someone or something to be the main hold. By accept in the Buddha, Buddhists must realize and seek every way to understand the subjects that Buddha learned and practiced. The jewels that are so precious and
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Generally, Buddhists respect the Monastic Sangha as the place where the Lord Buddha lives in the model of Buddha. People have just worshiped the model of Lord Buddha instead of monks can lead them feel peaceful. In the Monastic Sangha, it always stays the model in many styles depending on the diverse culture of Buddhists around the world. In Thailand, the Monastic Sangha decoration styles are adapted from the Dhamma books which is shown the picture of the activities that Lord Buddha practiced on the wall. This is to teach and warn Buddhists to practice the merit all the time and forever. Therefore, the Monastic Sangha or the Bhuddism churches become the holy place for all who offering faith
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