The Money By Junot Kake Analysis

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Mr. Junot Díaz’s paper titled “The Money” is a paper about the struggles of growing up as a Dominican, or less specifically an immigrant, in America. The paper offers a brief gimps into Mr. Díaz’s life as a young man, it shows his family structure and his neighborhood structure. It shows the type of people he had to deal with growing up and how he handled the way these people acted. The point of the text is to show how Mr. Díaz lived as a young man though one specific life experience. The text is also showing that from Mr. Díaz’s perspective it seems to be harder to live in America as an immigrant, an example in the text is when Mr. Díaz writes “The dolt and his family had been in the U.S. all their lives and they had a ton of stuff, a TV in every room, (2)”. In this example, it seems as if he is implying that being more American would make you wealthier. Mr. Díaz is not…show more content…
Díaz to appeal to the reader’s sense of logic, he first has to set up the environment that he lives in. In the text, he says “Now it wasn’t like I could publicly denounce these dolts or go to the police (2).” This shows that no one in the neighborhood would care about his problem or believe him. This also shows that Mr. Díaz truly believed that the police would not care about his problem which means that the most logical thing to do was to go get the money by himself. Additionally, Mr. Díaz gives the reader a real life scenario where he had to take the law into his own hands. Mr. Díaz was given a problem where he had to weigh the good and the bad a make an ethical decision. In this case, he chose to break into someone’s home and get back what belonged to him. additionally, Mr. Díaz writes “It took me two days to return the money to my mother. The truth was I was seriously considering keeping it. I’d never had that much money and who in those days didn’t want a Colecovision? But in the end the guilt got to me and I gave it to her and told her what had happened” (3). This shows
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