The Mongols Barbaric

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The Mongols dominated into many different parts different around the world from between 1206- 1368. They spread from Eastern Europe to the Sea of Japan and were dominate with their military. They had many skilled archers and horseman to help in battle. They were very respectful of other dynasties beliefs through them mixing different cultures together, which is called cultural diffusion. The Mongols overall were very barbaric, but many would say that the Mongols wouldn't be barbaric because the woman did everything the men did. However, they used psychological warfare and they destroyed entire cities, which heavily outweighs why they wouldn't be barbaric. The Mongols used psychological warfare, which very well falls into the category…show more content…
The Mongols destroyed cities many times throughout their existence and that was how they got their reputation. One example is shown through a battle against the Russian Army, “Russian army fell quickly in the bloodstained snow, the grand prince himself killed and decapitated. By April much of Northern Russia lay in smoking ruins.[4]” The Mongols were facing off against the Russians and didn’t take it easy on them. They destroyed their entire city. Burning every one of their buildings to the ground, which is very cruel. Another instance of this is shown through Rashid Fadl Abi-l’Hair writings, a Muslim historian in 1498,” These invaders burned our great libraries, broke our canals and ditches, destroyed our farms, defiled the true Faith by raising temples to Buddha…attempted to destroy our trade with paper money.[5]” In this instance, the Mongols take it up a notch. The Mongols completely destroyed all of Azerbaijan (this was where the Mongols invaded). They destroyed all of their buildings, but this time they specifically destroyed religious buildings and symbols for Muslims. They also even attempted to destroy their economy by trying to destroy their paper money trade. They were disrespecting religions and wiping out an entire city, which is very barbaric. Finally, the Mongols also did some very bad stuff to Baghdad. The Mongols had done similar stuff to Baghdad like they did to Azerbaijan. According to, the Mongols destroyed Baghdad for a full week and showing no discretion towards them whatsoever, they destroyed mosques, hospitals, libraries, and palaces. The Mongols once again disrespected another religion along with destroying and the entire city. The Mongols destruction of cities very much shows how barbaric they really

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