The Mongols Influence On The Asian World

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Eish Maheshwari During the 1200s, a group of nomadic invaders from the Mongolian steppe created one of the largest known land empires ever to exist throughout world history. These attackers were known as the Mongols and are generally considered to have been a highly barbaric and ruthless group of people. However, the actions of Mongolian forces during this time should be remembered for their positive contributions to Eurasian development, rather than the brutality they used, because they promoted a plethora of trade and communication as well as an exchange of goods and services across their territory. In addition, the Mongols culturally linked the European world with the Asian world, facilitating an interchange of products, people, technology, and information. The Mongols were responsible for advocating immense quantities of trade and communications to occur throughout their empire. For instance, the Mongols allowed for a revival of trade along the Silk Road as this allowed Mongolian economy to prosper and the ability of goods to be transported all throughout the Asian continent (Smith). This shows that the Mongols valued the importance of vast and extensive trade networks to promote commerce and communication within their territories. In addition, the nomadic lifestyles of the Mongols allowed them to embrace the importance of trading principles. The Mongols did this through an increase the total quantity of paper money circulating within the empire in order to allow trade to be facilitated with more ease and efficiently…show more content…
Although many consider their plunders as negative influences on the world and the people they conquered, most historians should honor the positive accomplishments of the Mongols, the reinvigoration of the Silk Road and a global interconnection, as it will continue to impact world history for several years to
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