Genghis Khan's Achievements

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The Universal Ruler, Genghis Khan, stood on the battlefield with the rising sun illuminating the millions of imbrued bodies of the dead. Khan, his features defined with pride and triumph, snatches yet another victory from the hands of his foes. Genghis Khan’s unyielding determination was of a man who would never stop until the world was under one rule, his rule. Despite that, his time was cut short, but his legacy would outlive him even after the Mongol Empire fell. In brief, the Mongols succeeded primarily because of their most famous leader, Genghis Khan, who led them not just to victory, but who assisted in the development of our world. The Mongols set a precedent for future leaders, policies, and brilliant military advancements and tactics.…show more content…
Before Genghis came along, the Mongols acted like barbarians through their constant tribal rivalries and fightings; however, with Genghis’s strong-willed attitude and his strive for change, he was able to humanize and lead his people. For an example, unlike Khan’s predecessors, he “elevated men based on their abilities, courage and loyalty to him. If a man showed courage in battle and cunning in tactics, he’d find himself rapidly promoted.”. The quote demonstrates how the Mongols had a new system where they had to earn their military position and it gave them the drive to be a trustworthy and honorable soldier. Originally, Mongols were given positions based on birth, but Khan changed that and therefore Mongols became morally developed. In addition, “In order to suppress the traditional causes of tribal warfare, he abolished inherited aristocratic titles. He also forbade the selling and kidnapping of women, banned the enslavement of any Mongol and made livestock theft punishable by death” Genghis reformed Mongol society and set improved rules to civilize the Mongols from their former barbaric behavior. In conclusion, Genghis Khan’s system called Yassa, which included promoting a soldier based on merit and other society standards, led to the Mongol’s moral

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