The Monkey King

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The first story is a classic Chinese folk tale about the Monkey King and his unrelenting pursuit of becoming a God. The Monkey King is an kung-fu master and immortal being, but it 's not enough for him, he constantly wants to become a God. He then crashes a party in the heavens in order to prove that he can. After being thrown out, he decides to show his kung fu skills on all the gods and goddess and all the upper level ones proving his strength; outraged complain to Tze-Yo-Tzuh, the creator of the Earth. Tze-Yo-Tzuh tries to convince the Monkey King to stop his rampaging, but instead tries to show off his power, unimpressed Tze-Yo-Tzuh buries the Monkey King under a pile of rocks. Five hundred years later a monk Wong Lai-Tsao helps the Monkey…show more content…
The second strand and our protagonist, Jin a young boy who just moves to the suburbs growing up in a predominately white neighbourhood with increased racism and stereotyping, with only another Japanese girl who Jin stayed away from. Then when Wei-Chen Sun a Taiwanese kid, who 's the Monkey Kings’s son came to his school Jin and him became best friends. Then Jin betrays Wei-Chen by kissing Suzy his girlfriend, destroying their friendship. Jin depressed dreams of what he’d like to become with the power of an elderly woman from his old town. The transformation is interwoven into the next part of the novel, Jin wakes up as Danny a white boy with blond this is the beginning of the third storyline, where Danny (Jin) gets to become who he 's always wanted to be and getting positive attention from his classmates. The arrival of Chin-Kee his “cousin” distributes Danny’s life and continues to embarrass him fed up Danny fights Chin-Kee to find out he’s a kung fu master and the Monkey King. The Monkey King had been observing for some time keeping an eye on his son. Chin-Kee asks Danny to transform back to Jin in order to help Wei-Chen who has now become a Chinese gangster. The Monkey King shows Jin where he can find Wei-Chin the gangsta. Jin was able to talk to the transformed Wei-Chin and rebuild their
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