The Monkey's Fiddle Analysis

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The Power of Music Music, like any other form of therapy, unlocks a form of inner peace that establishes something different in everyone. Music reaches through the messages and brings everyone together. Another clear and seemingly recognized benefit of music is the educational benefits that it provides. In both pieces of work, The Monkey’s Fiddle and The secret power of music education, it is clear to see that music has a much more in depth meaning than just melodies In The Monkey’s Fiddle music is used as a last granted wish from Monkey, as he was about to be hung. This story carries on like others and he begins to play his tune on his charmed fiddle. Consequently, he played his charmed fiddle until the dancers stopped dancing and he became lost within the notes. Continuously Monkey played his fiddle until everyone around him grew fatigued from waltz, but he still didn’t stop. Lion offered up his precious kingdom in hopes that this dance would stop, yet Monkey…show more content…
In The Monkey’s Fiddle the story shows the reader how when you lie the truth will inevitably be exposed. Within the story it did take awhile for the truth to emerge, but when it did it was brought on by an onslaught of emotion of fatigue from dancing. The dancing was a reaction to the walt that Monkey had played, thus causing himself to walk away guilt free. Within the second text, The secret power of music education the purpose of the text is to get across the understanding that music progresses people not only academically, but emotionally, and socially. People from hundreds of years ago understood that the power of music is ceaseless, but now the evidence is being brought to the surface. Both pieces of work do an outstanding job at expressing just how important music is, from showing someone’s true colours to giving people a head start on a better path the evidence is clear and to the
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