The Monkey's Paw: A Literary Analysis

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I know your wondering what is The Tell Tale Heart and the Monkey’s Paw. Both of the stories are short stories and it includes fear,suspense, and mystery. Tell Tale Heart talks about an old and his pale blue eye and it scaries the man that helps the old man. The Monkey’s Paw is about a paw and three men can have three wishes granted. The Tell Tale Heart and the Monkey’s Paw has fear in both stories. The Tale Heart the man who is watching the old man comes in his room and he woke up the old man,so the old man says WHO’S THERE! The man got on the ground and he can hear “the old man’s heart beating louder-louder-and louder every moment”. The reason why his heart was beating louder and louder cause the man man hand had slipped on the door knop and the old man jumped up out his sleep and didn’t know who it was and he was in fear. In the Monkey’s Paw Mr. Morris pulled out a jar and then he pulled out the paw and he put a spell on it so the husband can have three wishes granted if he dared. Before he gave it to the man he told them a story of how he got the paw he said, “this man had three wishes but he don’t know what was the first two was but the third one was for death”. When die the old people bury the dead and come back to a house steeped…show more content…
The Tell Tale Heart has mystery in it cause it was saying he had an eye of a vulture-a pale, blue eye with a film over it. That means the man was blind in one eye and it was scary to the man that he was living with. The Monkey’s Paw has mystery in it cause “Mr. Morris told the husband that he knew what the man’s third wish was, but he didn’t know what the first two wishes was”. It means that Mr.Morris warned them what was going to happen when he wanted the Paw. The Monkey’s Paw has mystery in it cause the mother seen a mysterious man pacing in front of the house. The mother didn’t know who was in front of the house when she was looking out the
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