The Monkey's Paw Book Analysis

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In the story, “The Monkey’s Paw,” by WW Jacobs, the White family have their friend, Sargent- Major Morris over at their house. With him, he brought stories of the wars he fought in, but he also brought the story of The Monkey’s Paw, which was a legend that said that the three people who were in possession of the monkey’s paw were granted three wishes. Mr. White received the monkey’s paw from Sargent Major and decided to make a wish. The course of his events, documented in the story, were soon made into a movie. The movie was very similar to the book, but it also had its differences. The setting, characters’ actions, and the characters themselves were all d.
The first main difference was the setting. In the book, by WW Jacobs, Mr. White says,
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In the book, Herbert worked a day job at Maw and Meggins. This is different that the movie because he works at the Electrical Works during night. This was altered in the movie because many people work night jobs, so people can relate to it. As well, barely anyone in the present knows what Maw and Meggins is. Yet another contrast, is that sergeant Major Morris is altered in the movie, because he is missing an arm. They changed this because to help show people that he was injured in a war. Also, the person who delivered the message that Herbert was dead in the book was a man in the book, while it was a woman in the movie. This was adjusted because in the present there is more gender equality. So, characters in the book greatly contrast from the movie adaptation.
In conclusion, there are many dissimilarities between “The Monkey’s Paw,” by WW Jacobs and the movie adaption. For one, the setting was unalike because it took place in the UK and in the past. Another way the movie contrast to the book is characters’ actions because Herbert is more careful,, and Mrs. White was able to reach the lock. Furthermore, the characters themselves were changed because the sergeant lost his arm, and a woman told the White family of death. Therefore, the setting, characters’ actions and the characters were different in the movie, to make it more
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