'The Monkey's Paw' By W. Jacobs

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Short Story Analysis “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs tragically ends on a cliffhanger, but that does not stop the reader from interpreting the many ideas and messages Jacobs provides throughout the story. In “The Monkey’s Paw” W.W. Jacobs explores gender roles, showcases the use of transformation through his characters, and delves into themes of horror and supernatural.
The story may have a dominant male presence; however, Jacobs incorporated one strong woman character. Mr. and Mrs. White are the main characters in this tale; With these characters Jacobs uses them to break specific gender roles. Right from the get-go the narrator explains how much smarter Mrs. White is compared to her husband, and we also learn how her husband obeys and listens to her. Since this piece is set in the 1900s it is odd to see a man, especially an older gentlemen, act this way in this …show more content…

When first given the monkey’s paw Mr. White is more than eager to use. He wants to use it in a selfless and at the same time selfish way, he wants to pay off a debt and have a little extra. Mrs. White really didn’t care for it at first if anything she disregarded it. After the first wish got granted, which lead to the tragedy of their son. The reader can see that it deeply affect Mr. and Mrs. White in the most negative way. Mrs. White, the same woman who didn’t want to make a wish, now wants to use the monkey’s paw to resurrect her dead son. This change shows that she isn’t thinking very clearly because she knows that the paw comes with dangerous consequences. On the other hand, we have Mr. White who was excited to use the paw in the first place now wishing her not to bring their son because he knows it will bring nothing but trouble. This shows he has matured from the beginning of the story and is going to sacrifice the change to see his son or whatever is coming in order to be safe from the

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