The Monkey's Paw Play Analysis

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The Monkey’s Paw and 6-year-old Dies

Randall, the father, made a wish which he had to use the paw. The 4-year-old boy who played with the gun even though "the door stays locked for the kids cannot get the weapons" (3) yet used the gun without any supervision. Just like the drama of "The Monkey's Paw" Morris had warned the White's family not to use the monkey's paw, for it, they will suffer the consequences, in the article the door was locked as a warning not to enter if an adult wasn't present (3).The child had entered the room in a second without being noticed and shot the 6-year-old boy in a rapid move with no sweat Sammy's death was in a blink of an eye, real quick that you couldn't stop it from happening. After making the wish the next day Sammy dies, and in the article, the 6-year-old died a day after being shot (5). The death of
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Jacob's' stories were published the late 1800s and early 1900s, and the monkey's paw was written in 1902 early 1900s. Since Jacob made his stories about British underclass families, the White's were a British "underclass family" (4). Jacob like writing about men teasing each other, Sammy teased his father and Morris fo "the story" that Morris had told (2). Jacob's' stories had humorous ghost stories, for example, The Monkey's Paw had Sammy making fun off the ghost story told by Morris (3). Jacob liked writing horror stories with a not so great output yet his stories were memorable, just like The monkey's paw, it had a horror output yet the story was memorable, and never to be forgotten (10). After the news of Sammy's death,his parents were devastated and decided to make a poor decision to bring him back to life, yet Randall knew he wasn't going to come back the same way he left to work the day he had died (8). When Randall decide to "wish my child dead and at peace back in the grave!" (10) for Sammy can rest in
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