Summary Of The Monkey's Paw

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“The monkey’s paw” is a short story written by W.W. Jacobs, which has an extraordinary plot leading to a strong end interfering with fate. This story links with the supernatural to create a tense plot and conflict, making the reader vicious to know what may happen next. As the plot develops, we can see how some characters pass through changes, making the plot complex to understand. The character changes will interfere with the plot as it develops, giving the action shape. This character change is the key to how the story’s plot develops and how the plot is taken to an end. During the story’s exposition, a small amount of characters are introduced such as the three White family members, and the family friend, Sargent-Major Morris, which is the character, which brings with him the problem. During this exposition, Hubert White and Mr. White were both playing chess while Mrs. White is knitting during a stormy day. This exposition introduces the life of a normal family in peace. Herbert, the son, wins the chess game, and Mr. White realize the bad weather outside of…show more content…
This puts the plot in jeopardy as now, since White does not have anything useful to wish for, his wish won’t be wise, as Morris told him. He wishes for two hundred dollars to make the last payment of his house, and he sees strange things happen, and as he goes to sleep, Herbert also sees strange things, puts the fire out, and takes the monkey’s paw. Next day, the family receives news that Herbert was killed in an accident at his company, and the company takes no responsibility, but accepts to give two hundred dollars back to the family. Both Mr. and Mrs. White where in shock, but did not realize that it may be connected to the wish the night after. Mr. White has not yet realized the bad things that come with the good
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