The Monkey's Paw Vs. The Man In The Bottle

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The Monkey’s Paw is a short story describing about the White family that were corrupted by the Monkey’s paw which grants wishes, but will create consequences. The Man in the Bottle is based off the Monkey’s Paw but there will be a man who appears and will grant the wishes that Mr. and Mrs. Castle. These two versions of the story are both similar and also different in many ways making them unique stories.

Even though both stories are based on a magical item that can grant wishes but will bring consequences to it, they are very different from each other. In the Monkey’s Paw, there is a husband “Mr. White”, son “Herbert”, and wife “Mrs.White” although the Herbert dies as the consequence of the first wish.. On the other hand, it is only a husband
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One similarity is the way they obtain the objects. Both of the main characters pay for the object, even though one did not know that it was something special. Both of the main characters were in debt, and for that reason, wished for money in which had consequences come with them. Another similarity that the tales have is how a human being passes on the news of the consequence to the couples when they wished for money, although they were different types of consequences and the Monkey’s Paw had more severe consequences. In the Monkey’s Paw, he was a “servant” of Maw and Meggins, which was where Herbert died because he was caught in machinery, and the bad news is given to the castle family by a servant of the “office of currency revenue” which takes income taxes. The third similarity between these stories is that the last wish was one that reversed the 2nd to last wish, allowing for them to go back to normal. This is seen at “He heard the creaking of…”- “a quiet and deserted road.” from the Monkey’s Paw while Mr. Castle cries out “I wish I were Arthur Castle again!” in the Man in the Bottle. The last and perhaps the most important similarity is what the themes convey. Both of the tales could have a theme that is like “Every action you take has a consequence lying in front. The genie in the Man in The Bottle directly tells them like “You run the risk of consequences no matter what you wish
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