The Monkey's Pher Themes

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“You have choice,a single choice,whatever that choice you have to live with the consequences,a single choice.” This means they had to make a choice and they had to live with what happened. Your choices will have consequences even if they are good choices.Making selfish consequences can have effects on you and others.Characters from “the monkey 's paw” and “old grandfother” taught me to treat everyone the same.Don 't be selfish and treat everyone like they are not a living thing. However ,your choices have consequences.Marce makes a choice to give them the paw when knowing the power..The author wrote ”it 's just a bit of what you call magic”.Marce in acting strangely and this leaves the whites to be curease about the monkey’s paw.They stuffed the of their son 's death.The theme is similar because the daughter has to make choice and has to suffer the consequences because of her actions.Daughter makes a choice to treat the old man poorly.She suffers the consequences when her son does the same thing she had done.The text states ”Tears filled there eyes they were astonished for them treating him so meanly”. This tells me that her choice made her son realize he can treat her the same way unless she changed her ways.These…show more content…
In addition, the character 's choice to be selfish like .mr white makes a choice to get the money even knowing that there might be death.In the text it said “I wish for 200 pounds.’This fact means that someone has to die every time you make a wish.They knew that it might mean death might come but they still wish for the money.This shows how they are selfish.The character trait in old grandfother is selfishness.His wife makes as choice to do what 's best for her.It stated that she was going to get him a wooden boil because he broke all the other ones in the house.This shows that her choices influenced her kid on to making a wooden boil for her to.because they were selfish I learned that I should treat everyone the same even if they are the
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