The Monotheistic Religions In The Bible, Christianity, Islam And Judaism

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The Bible has influenced and impacted many people in present day today as well as in history. The origin of the monotheistic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are included in The Bible and goes back thousands of years. Humans believe in The Bible, which allow them to enable their belief stronger to God and follow their daily life through him. Thousands of years previous, The Bible and religion in general affected the actions of humans and how they proceed their life. This document was found in the book of Genesis, which is found in the Bible and Hebrew Torah. The Bible contains the New Testament and Old Testament however, the Torah only contains the Old Testament. The way the Bible describes women give the notion to traditional gender roles throughout society and this document has established them. In the beginning of The Bible it confesses about how women are portrayed as degrading and evil. Since Eve tempted Adam to eat the fruit and created sin for the rest of eternity it establishes women as degrading.
The Bible was based off the Torah for centuries however, they separated into different meanings for humans in the world because of two different religious aspects. The Hebrews scriptures were found to be forming in different ways around 950 BCE, which leaves it challenging to mark on which time period they were created (Backmann 74). The Torah contains the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures and they are perpendicular beliefs from Christianity. The

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