Significance Of The Monroe Doctrine

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1.) Monroe Doctrine- The Monroe Doctrine occurred in 1823, and this doctrine was delivered and named by President James Monroe. Through this doctrine, he warned European powers to refrain from seeing any new territories in the Americas. But, America highly lacked the power to backup Monroe which was actually enforced by the British. This is significant in that America declared its non-colonization and nonintervention from foreign powers. The main significance of this doctrine was to free the colonies from foreign rule. To allow them to be in new places in a new land without any foreign rule. The Old World and the New World were to remain distinctly different seeing how each were in two separate places and in two distinctly different nations.…show more content…
The treaty was drafted during the Paris Peace Conference by by the national leaders of the “big four” countries, Britain, France, the US, and Italy. It blamed Germany for World War I and made them take all the blame. Germany continued to have resentment towards the treaty and those associated. Though the treaty brought peace to Europe.

8.) Progressivism- Progressivism began in the 1890s and was a movement in response to the social problems from industrialization and immigration. Its goal was to to end corruption in the government and businesses, and to give equal rights to women and other groups that had been left behind during the industrial revolution. It fought to to promote moral improvement and raise living standards. Progressivism was reasonably successful.

9.) Settlement Houses- Settlement houses were houses to help immigrant families change to the culture of the United States. Workers gave mothers classes in child care and taught english to the immigrants. The Hull House in 1889 was a model for these houses and over 400 houses were eventually
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This was when newspaper publishers like Hearst and Pulitzer exaggerated stories that helped sell newspapers.For example, the sinking of the Maine in Cuba. With the arrival of the telegram newspapers had to increase the amount of papers circulating to compete with the cost. Up until that time newspapers were typically written and read by the upper class, but when these publishers and printing began to increase more and more of society were buying and reading these newspapers. Joseph Pulitzer was able to write the true news stories the upper societal people wanted while creating them in a way to excite and
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