The Monster And The Homosexual Analysis

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Part 1 There is a particular point of view found in certain recent Hollywood films that explores the varying spectrum of sexuality and the role representation plays in an individual’s life. In the traditional view of sexuality in society, sexuality has an established separation, homosexual or heterosexual. In The Monster and the Homosexual Benshoff mentions “how homosexuality is thought and felt by heterosexuals is part and parcel of the way the culture teaches them (and us) to think and feel about their heterosexuality,” (Benshoff 95). In this context the heterosexual view of a homosexual is based on preconceived notions that the audience have obtained from society. In reality one cannot know about homosexuality to the fullest unless the person is one or has been properly educated about the…show more content…
Thus, the way that we as a society learn about a topic is through what individuals learn from school, the media, and generations from the past. For instance, The Imitation Game is a film that is placed in the World War II era, where in Britain being a homosexual was considered public indecency and for that reason Alan Turing remained to himself about his homosexuality. The fact that there was a law against gays in Britain shapes the way the rest of the citizens of the country would view gays

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