The Monster Study Summary

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In the magazine article, “The Stuttering Doctor’s ‘Monster Study,” Gretchen Reynolds analyzes Wendell Johnson’s controversial psychological study, “The Monster Study”. Reynolds recalls the events that led up to the multimillion-dollar lawsuit experiment and the motives that caused the study to happen. Reynolds begins her article by summarizing Wendell Johnson’s earlier life. She discusses the events that led up the thesis of his experiment. She tells her audience that Johnson was a stutterer; he stuttered quite severely and wanted to learn about the defect. Johnson went to the University of Iowa, which was very popular for stuttering research. Many of his colleagues also had stuttering problems as well; they wanted to test to see if they could cease the long-term stuttering. Johnson and his peers participated in natural tests such as drawing blood and hitting one another’s knees to test how strong their reflexes were. The tests were not successful and a new device was born. The device called the electromyography tested the neuromus-cular activity in both nonstutterers and stutterers.…show more content…
The magazine is a reliable source. The source is reliable because further research proves the information valid. The objective is not particularly biased but can display which side the author takes. The author does not use personal opinions within her text; although, she adds details to support Wendell Johnson’s reasoning for his experiment. The purpose of the article was to shed light on the, “Monster Study”. Gretchen Reynolds speaks on Johnson’s earlier life and motives for the experiment to show that he did not conduct the experiment from evilness. This source relates to other sources in my annotated bibliography because it talks about a controversial topic that are conducted by psychologist. The source also differs from the other sources in the annotated bibliography because it favors the idea behind the
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