The Monsters On Maple Street Analysis

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Would you be able to live in a time where your life was always in danger? Fear and danger were a constant feeling in Rod Serling’s video and teleplay “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” which was made in 1960 and “The Monsters on Maple Street” that was made in 2003. The 1960 version people were so easy to accuse others when fear and danger presented itself. In the 2003 version terrorism was on everyone’s mind so they were easy to assume all there problems were coming from the family that had just moved into the neighborhood. Both of those videos and stories show us that fear of the unknown can cause people to turn on each other.
In the 1960 version of “The monsters are due on Maple Street” Rod Serling puts together a brilliant teleplay that when the power goes out people become frantic to find the source of the problem. He shows that fear of the unknown can cause people to turn on each other. People started to fear when “As the figure gets close and closer, he pulls the trigger”. Charlie was scared and pulled the trigger on his own neighbor, not even thinking. People feared the worst
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When there’s a problem with no solution people can turn on each other. In 1960, Maple Street residents don’t know why the power went out and why cars won’t start. They don’t have any idea of what’s going on until Tommy puts the idea of aliens in everyone’s head, now everyone believes that a family among them is not human and causing all these problems. In 2003, again, no one knows why the power went out or why cars won’t start until Phyllis mentions the idea of terrorists. Since recent terror attacks have happened everyone believes that has to be the cause of the problem. In the end and as I’ve said earlier, the residents on Maple Street are the monsters themselves. If Tommy never mentioned aliens and Phyllis never mentioned terrorists then most likely there would be no stories to
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