The Monsters That Live On Maple Street Analysis

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Sebastian Pineda 3/8/16 Reading/Writing 7-4 The Monsters that Live on Maple Street “Human action can be modified to some extent but human nature cannot be changed”- Abraham Lincoln. Human nature like Lincoln said cannot be changed but it can change in specific situations, sometimes badly or sometimes greatly. In the show “The Twilight Zone” there is an episode that analyzes how humans react to paranoia and scapegoats but this analyzation was disguised with fiction. The story was that a flash of light appears and the power goes out, a boy suspects that it was aliens and that someone is an alien in the town which at first the town doesn’t believe but soon with paranoia leaping in they go against each other. It is revealed that there was no alien in the town, the only aliens were the ones who turned off the power the rest was the human imagination. Their behavior changes with the paranoia and the groups which could be said for many, people’s behavior changes in a group by being more aggressive to specific person as shown in the episode. Les Goodman was a friend and a neighbor in Maple Street but that changed when everyone was suspecting him. In the episode Goodman’s car starts which is strange because all machines stopped working but his started…show more content…
What I have been trying to show is that people in groups almost act animalistic to the point where they go against others who aren’t in the group like they do with many of the characters in the episode. They also accuse due to fear and join in groups to be more secure but instead it makes them more insecure then ever. We have to go past that and not do that type of behavior and be more civilized but of course that will need to show in time and more evolution of our physiology but if we can achieve this it is possible to become peaceful and not rely on the animals that we had to be before to
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