The Mood In Montresor's The Cask Of Amontilla

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The mood of The Cask of Amontillado is suspenseful! To begin, one point in the story where the mood is created, is when Montresor is giving us the backstory, and he says, “A thousand injuries I had suffered.” and “At length I would be avenged; this was a point definitely settled.” We don’t know what his revenge will be or to what lengths he will go to avenge himself, but we do know that he will definitely get revenge on Fortunato. He always explains how well he has prepared his revenge, but he never tells the reader what his plan actually is. Next, another way the mood is created in the story is the way Montresor describes the surroundings in the catacombs. He uses descriptions such as, “damp ground of the catacombs”, “most remote end of
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