The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress Analysis

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"The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" is one of the most notable works written by the American author Robert A. Heinlein, a science fiction writer who is known for having heavily influenced this genre. The novel was released in 1966, it received the Hugo Award one year later and has been a very popular book ever since. This book tells the story of the whole development of the Independence of Luna, a grain exporting nation, which was a colony established by the Terran government inhabited mainly by exiles from Earth. The principal character is Manuel (Mannie) O'Kelly a technician whose job was the maintenance of the HOLMES IV, an utterly powerful computer that controlled everything in Luna: transactions, oxygen level, surveillance, transportation, communication, devices, etc; and thus was Luna's most important computer. One day Mannie was called to troubleshoot the…show more content…
In the book it is stated that women are scarce and that is why they were considered such valuable human beings, but still you could find some sort of machismo, for in some parts Wyoh was only recognized for her tantalizing looks but always having her intelligence underrated. Also, almost at the end Lenore volunteered to watch for ships and Greg said “won’t need fems”, at some point another character accepted a woman in his crew only because she knew how to “remain silent when needed”. This is pretty much what we see in our society. Of course we have advanced and women have far more rights than they did fifty or one hundred years ago, yet we are light years away from overcoming the gender gap. It is a fact that the macho culture is still running in the Mexican streets and now I think that it is more dangerous than ever for it almost always goes unnoticed and disguised in the shape of micromachismos and it is killing more women than ever before. I consider that it is time for us to stand up for the rights of everyone and for the defense of such vulnerated
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