The Moose And The Sparrow Summary

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Is someone thought to be innocent capable of murder? In the short story " The Moose and the Sparrow" written by Hugh Garner, a nineteen year old boy named Cecil arrives at a lumber camp, claiming to need money for college. Cecil is a small and skinny boy, and is clearly very weak and frail, but highly intelligent. He makes an unwanted enemy of a giant of a man named Moose Maddon. Moose, jealous of Cecil's cleverness, bullies him to whaht seems like the breaking point. One morning, after a rather strange night, Moose's body was found lying in a ravine, dead. His death was dismissed as an accident, but the circumstances were highly suspicious. Moose's death was clearly a murder done by Cecil. There is three pieces of main evidence that support…show more content…
Of course, some people kill for others for little to no reasons occasionally. Normally, though, you fo have a motive. Ceci's motive was not unreasonable in the slightest. Moose bullied him from the very start. Moose gave Cecil difficult jobs, played cruel prakns on him, and overall, made Cecil's life at the lumber camp miserable. It's odd, how out of all the men at the camp, Moose is the one who died. Moose Maddon was the one who tormented Cecil, whereas the other men learned errors in the ways and stopped, or never bullied him at all.. I think Cecil murdered Moose because Moose had been so inhumanly cruel to him. Cecil was worried for his life, he told Mr. Anderson so on the beach. Me may have lashed out harshly at Moose because he was concerned about his safety. Still, it's plausible he could have left and have had to never see Moose again in his life. Cecil could have, very possibly, been seaking revenge, and sought it out by slaughtering Moose. Lots of evidence supports this. First off, Cecil straight out refused to leave. Yes, he did say he needed tge money for college. But, is a little money worth dying over when you could techinically get it else where? He could have gotten a job somewhere else safer rather than risk his neck. Cecil probably did not the cash, but his prorities changed when he met Moose. He also refused to let the other men pay him for this trinkets he made them, which seems suspicious, even for a kind hearted person, if his only reason for staying had been getting money. Cecil didn't leave until after Moose's death. Revenge could have been the strongest emotion for him; so strong, it overpowered his desire for money. Cecil, if my theory is correct, had wanted to get Moose back for being so impossibly vile to him. He wouldn't have felt comfortable or safe enough at the camp to be able to stay and get money for his college with
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