The Moral Dilemmas And Moral Aspects Of Christianity And Christianity

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Christianity is a religion based off of the belief in Jesus Christ and that He created the world and sent His son to die for us. He did many miracles and healed many people, HE died on the cross to forgive the sins of humans and give everyone the chance to go to heaven. Without Hum humans would spend the rest of eternity in hell. The Trinity is word that is used to describe God in three persons. The Trinity includes God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Even though these are three different beings, they are one person. The Bible describes more about the Trinity and many other things in the Christian faith. The Church is also another aspect of the Christian faith that is important. It helps guide Christians in their walk and is a place where Christians can share their burdens with other Christians and get advice in hard times. The church also teaches people more about the Bible and what it truly means to be a follower of Christ.
Because of the resources Christians have, it is easier for them to determine what is morally right or not. Christians can use the Bible as a reference of what to do in hard times, and what the best option is for problematic scenarios. For example, designing babies.
Designing babies has become a moral issue in many nations. Still, labs continue their research even though there are many moral problems that need to be addressed. And although there are moral dilemmas to designing babies, there is also the good that is coming out
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