The Moral Logic Of Survivor's Guilt By Nancy Sherman

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Being in a deadly accident and you're the one to survive it, your going to have a guilty feeling about it. Most people have a feeling where they feel guilty about being the one to survive and not being able to have any others survive with them, they would have rather had everyone survive the situation instead of just them. They would most likely feel this type of way called survivor’s guilt. Survivor’s guilt is what some people feel after being in a life or death situation that they had survived. Some of us may believe that people shouldn’t feel survivor’s guilt, however others think that they should feel survivor’s guilt. Survivor’s of life and death situations should feel survivor’s guilt. One reason, survivor’s of life and death situations should feel survivor’s guilt is because when you feel survivor’s guilt it makes us more human. In the article “The Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt” by Nancy Sherman is about what survivor’s guilt is and what it does to people. In paragraph six it states, “Who I am, in terms of my character and relationships, and not just what I do, matters morally.” This shows…show more content…
In a website, “ Survivor's Guilt” is about what survivor's guilt is, what it does to a person, how survivor's guilt can be healed, and what some treatments are. In the website it states, “Those who survive way transform their guilt into a sense of increased meaning or purpose” This shows that feeling survivor's guilt can be a meaning or purpose, it shows that there can be a meaning from this, you learn a lesson from the experience that you had with it. This proves survivor's guilt doesn’t have a bad feeling for us it can help us heal and turn into better people. Feeling this way doesn’t have a bad meaning to it, it shows that we care and that it can have a healing part for us, it shows us that there can be a meaning or purpose from what had
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