The Moral Of Antigone

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The theory of right and wrong characteristics or good and bad behaviors is concerned with morality; its role can shape an individual’s personality which can affect his or her call of action. It is only natural that we should have some kind of sense of duty and physical forces from our experiences that make us have moral laws. It’s an aspect of humanity which helps them make rational decisions and it also serves as guidance for mere goodness. Our existence defines who we are as an individual because of our values that help us see past our wrongdoing and helps improve our future. This can be seen in Sophocles’ story of “Antigone,” Antigone’s character portrays a strong individual who is loyal and values her family more than the society. This…show more content…
King Oedipus, Antigone’s father gouged his very own eyes when he found out that his wife is his mother, and her beloved brothers: Eteocles and Polynices, who killed each other in combat for the throne of Thebes. Ideally, royalty problems are kept behind closed doors; they have responsibilities and they should be cautious of their single movement or action. On the contrary, her flesh and blood family is not the typical royal family that they should be in the eyes of the public. However, her father, mother, brother Eteocles, and her ancestors, they all were graced during their deaths and thus are happy in the afterlife. She couldn’t allow Polynices to be left out of the family’s happy underworld union, the family is stronger together than separated. Despite the fact that there is no private disgrace for her family, Antigone’s goodwill and her traditional beliefs gave her the courage to fight for her rights and does a rightful…show more content…
They both believed in the same god, but both had a different perspective of their beliefs and yes it created chaos. The King set the laws, therefore, Creon is the law but, it contradicts with Zeus’s law; no mortal man can override him, for he is the supreme god of all aspect on earth and in underground. It is clear that Creon believed only he is right and such power he feels, he overrides the god 's law, even after hearing from his son that people whisper in thin air that Antigone’s bravery and loyalty should be rewarded. On the other hand, Antigone’s character shows a lot of courage despite her role as a woman back in her time. She was gaining power through her belief of her god and took advantage of it; she voice out to the society when she had her hearing that she would rather die and be happy with her family in the underground even after the disgrace they bring upon themselves. Ultimately, all her actions or motives were in the favor of her god because Creon’s decision to let her dear brother, Polynices to rot in the open field without proper burial is against the gods’. Antigone character mostly represent morality throughout the play, but in the end, the representation of morality shows that even the most moral person, like Antigone, who values her family more than the people and who obeys the god only, could make mistakes

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