The Mormon Musical Analysis

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The musical begins with an animated Disney-like illustration performed by the actors communicating some history on the religion of The Book of Mormon. Before attacking the entire summary and analysis of the musical, it would be a good time to make note that the creator for the production had intended for this musical to be a spectacle. Besides the point of addressing a religion in a humorous matter, they wanted the musical to have elements that are traditionally associated with Disney musicals and other blockbuster plays such as Wicked. Thus elaborate scenery, creative choreography and show-stopping musical numbers form a big part of the production. At the very top of the musical the audience is introduced to some history and ideas of the religion by characters that are dressed in animated clothing that is lit like mechanical characters at Disney world. Immediately the audience is introduced to the tone of the play as the insecurities that Mormonism faces is…show more content…
He chooses song as a method to teach the villagers about Joseph Smith who is the founder of the Latter Day Saints Church. The musical number “All-American Prophet” however turns into a reflection for Elder Price on himself. The villagers find Elder Price annoying and arrogant and are not interested to learn about religion. This is the big moment during the musical where the Mormon religion is dissected and obviously made fun off. The idea behind this moment is not come forward and say that the religion is wrong, but instead ideas are introduce to promote the specific details for the religion that might appear silly to most individuals. When educating the villagers about the history, there is an obvious atmosphere where the creators intended to promote that the origins of the religion seem ridiculous and unrealistic and well as unpractical. The whole ordeal is performed with a very presentational

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