The Most Admirable Character In The Crucible

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The question[s] that I will answer for my essay would be the following: Who is the most admirable OR despicable character in the play? What would be the larger message that Miller sends through this character? Throughout the whole Crucible play, we observe the characters and the attitudes they portray. There are characters that change over time in the play, and there are characters who stay the same. We notice that the crucible's setting takes place a while ago, in the 1600’s. Therefore, there are many differences in the people's thoughts and actions compared to today’s world. Back then, the women didn’t have many rights. Slavery back then was a normal thing to the communities. In that time, Church was an essential to one’s life. Christianity was…show more content…
The evil of the world is like Abigail, it spreads. It goes through everyone's minds, however it separates the strong from the weak. The weak being the ones who fall into fear and temptation to evil works. The strong being the ones who turn from the evil and stay strong with the pure, faithful and righteous thoughts. Abigail was weak enough to want revenge on Elizabeth Proctor and kill her so John could love Abigail. “Now little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom, and common vengeance writes the law” (Hale) Abigail Williams in the Crucible is a despicable character that is toxic to every person she commerses with. She portrays the evil of the world and the weakness of fear. She longed for love because of her loneliness and guilt that she could feel deep down inside of her soul. Miller wrote a wonderful play that gave us the thought of how we need to stay strong in the right and smart choices instead of falling to the ridiculous accusations that people make just to get revenge on others. What we should take from the play is to stay strong in the

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