The Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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Authors write stories. Stories have plots. Every author who writes a story has a different idea of their own. There are differences and similarities in every story written. In the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” and the film High Noon there are some slight similarities between details that make up the main parts of the story, but there are also some slight differences as well. High Noon, is a loving, scary and mysterious story that will have you on the edge of your seat. Kane, who is the main character, is going through a crisis. He wants to stay and fight his fight, but he doesn’t know what the outcome will be. He risks losing the life of his newly wed wife, and he even risks losing his own. “The Most Dangerous Game” is a wild, scary, yet intriguing short story that has you biting your nails at every move that the main character Rainsford makes. Rainsford, who is an experienced hunter was on his way to Rio to hunt in the Amazon when he fell off a yacht and had to swim ashore. He hadn’t known what he was about to get himself into. The conflict in “The Most Dangerous Game” and High Noon are very similar. Both Kane, who is the main character of the film, and Rainsford, who is the main character of the short story, face the troubles of knowing whether or not they should kill the person that has done many wrong to many people including themselves. Kane deserved to have people from his town to help so that he didn’t have to run and be scared, but no one would come forward
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