The Most Dangerous Game And High Noon Analysis

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Theme, conflict, and characters are some important elements that are included in most stories. In the Most Dangerous Game and High Noon, they play an important part in making the story flow. The Most Dangerous Game and High Noon are stories that have a lot of action from the conflicts that take place. In the Most Dangerous Game, General Zaroff is the antagonist who likes killing and hunting men for fun, and Rainsford is the main character who is up for the challenge. High Noon takes place in the west and is about a sheriff named Will Kane who helped send a criminal to prison, but the criminal named Frank is coming back for revenge. The Most Dangerous Game and High Noon are stories that have many similarities and differences, so conflict, theme, and setting are all things that compare and contrast with one other. Even though The Most Dangerous Game and High Noon are two stories that are very different, their conflicts are very similar. “If he does not wish to hunt, I turn him over to Ivan” (Connell 14). This citation from The Most Dangerous Game is said by General Zaroff to Rainsford as he explains the games rules to him. General Zaroff will hunt him in the game and if he catches him he dies. If Rainsford decides not to participate in this hunt, he’s given to Ivan and killed instantly. This specific scene proves that both The Most Dangerous Game and High Noon’s conflicts are similar since both major conflicts in each story leads to death. Since Frank Miller’s coming back
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