The Most Dangerous Game Conflict Analysis

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The the book “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, has lots of challenges and conflicts throughout the whole story. Two hunters are on a yacht in the Caribbean Sea, when one falls off and washes up on an island. There, he meets General Zaroff, a man with only one desire. To hunt humans. He makes Rainsford (the man from the shipwreck), go loose on the island in order to hunt him. Rainsford faces many conflicts along his journey on the island, such and man v.s nature, man v.s. himself, and man v.s man. He has to overcome all of this in order to keep calm, and survive. One of the conflict in “The Most Dangerous Game”, was man v.s. nature. This conflict presented itself at the beginning of the story, when Rainsford fell into the water. He had to struggle and swim in order to stay alive. Once he fell off, he knew he was in danger. On page 174, it says “The cry was pinched off short as the blood-warm waters of the Caribbean Sea closed over his head.” This is the exact moment when Rainsford’s body hit the water, and he was off the ship. Rainsford desperately tried to tell the yacht to come back,…show more content…
himself. This happened when Rainsford was on the island. He had to do his best to keep his composure and not lose his head. While he is in the jungle, he says “I will not lose my nerve”(184). This tells the reader that Rainsford was having trouble staying calm and not worrying. He had to fight himself to stay on track. He was so scared in the jungle while the General was trying to hunt him. On page 186, it says “He could not say where he was. That was suicide.” This shows the reader that Rainsford may be thinking of what could go wrong, and is not thinking on the positive side of things. One side of him has to say everything is going to be fine, while the other half is scared to death. This conflict is important to the story, because without it, there would not be as much suspense as their actually
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