The Most Dangerous Game General Zaroff Character Analysis

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“The Most Dangerous Game” is set on a dank tropical night filled with nothing but an overwhelming darkness. This bleak, moonless night expresses an ominous and suspenseful effect, embodying a sense of danger in the air. “The mental chills, poisonous air, and blood-warm water” adds a perilous and enigmatic impression to their surroundings, as they speak of the mysterious island. Slowly, a feeling of uncertainty and anticipation arises, seeing that there are multiple indications of foreshadowing. Finally, all the characters are introduced and the antagonist is revealed on “Ship-Trap Island”. General Zaroff, the man with “the face of an aristocrat”, proves to be congenial and sophisticated, yet seems to be reticent. The state of being “too good to be true” sits in his position, as he conceals his true identity. He is deceitful in various ways, has impractical philosophies, and is genuinely a hedonist. Zaroff may appear as an “affable host”, but is indeed a heartless, cold-blooded murderer. In fact, his ego drives him into being someone much worst than what he finds is considered to be the “weak”. His overall character is portrayed as one with many distinct physical, emotional and mental…show more content…
From one who is flawless and gracious to someone who is completely brutal. In fact, he dies with such narcissism as he smiles minutes before losing his life to another. Still he seems nonchalant when it comes to the life of a human being even if it is his own. He falsifies us one last time when he bows down to Rainsford and says “Splendid!” Perhaps he is waiting for Rainsford to sympathize him, to prove that he is “weak” in showing softness. Zaroff is defined as one full of eccentricity. Bloodshed for satisfaction and self-absorption for granted. Most would consider this as an imperfection, but he will take all as a profit. Anyone so merciless yet so proud and confident is one that is what we call “good as
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