The Most Dangerous Game Harrison Bergeron Analysis

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All utopias are different. People have different concepts of utopias and they can be good or bad depending on their ideas. The examples of utopian societies that we read in class, like the well- known novel Animal Farm, and the lesser known short stories “The Most Dangerous Game” and “Harrison Bergeron” were all different examples of utopias, but none of them sounded fair or humane. One was murder, one was a twisted concept of equality and the other was taking advantage of blunt mindedness. In Animal Farm the leader Napoleon convinces the other animals to turn on the humans. He also convinces them that whatever he says, no matter how ridiculous, is the rule. In “the most Dangerous Game” General Zaroff, the antagonist, hunts people for game…show more content…
The handicapper general had none of this and went to the ballet studio and shot him and his chosen empress ballerina out of the air while they are dancing. The story ends at that and the people that were watching forget what happened in a second. These kinds of events, I think would happen a lot. A tragic thing happens and within a minute everyone forgets about it. This sounds like it would be a very sad place to live and if I were not personally living in it I would feel awful for the people that were. Imagine thinking about another society that all had handicaps and you being able to keep that thought in your head and not them. This is why I would not like to live in a utopia like this. In “The Most Dangerous Game” General Zaroff gets bored with hunting animals and decides that he can hunt humans that get trapped on his island. When a world renowned hunter gets caught on his island he decides to treat him like a friend instead of prey. When he disagrees with his idea he changes his mind about not hunting him. A utopia like this, from Zaroff’s point of view would seem amazing, but the opposite from anybody else’s point of view. Living in this utopia as a victim would be unbearable and
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