The Most Dangerous Game Strong Vs Weak Analysis

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Life or death situations are daunting and disheartening. Not everyone has to go through a circumstance like that, but some do. A man once composed a fictional short story about a life or death situation, his name was Richard Connell. In Richard Connell's short story "The Most Dangerous Game," humongous game hunter Sanger Rainsford is tested in the following ways: strong versus the weak, the value of life, and becoming what he fears. Rainsford went through many challenges, and each one influenced the other. In fact, strong versus the weak is one challenge Rainsford went through. As the story progresses, Rainsford learns to build his physical and mental strength. When he fell off the yacht he had to start swimming or he might…show more content…
He had imagined himself being what Zaroff is and it scared him immensely. Rainsford has refused to hunt with Zaroff, a general who got bored with hunting animals and decided to hunt humans for the challenge, because he dreaded becoming a murderer. While on the island, Zaroff hunted him, Rainsford was like the animals that he had hunted before. Zaroff was the hunter and Rainsford was the animal, this thought terrified Rainsford. This fear and realization of how being hunted felt led him to feel sympathy for the animals. Rainsford was mortified of Zaroff because of who he was, and it was this fear that kept him alive and from becoming a monster. In conclusion, all three of these ways intertwine together, nevertheless he could not have one without he other two. The strong versus the weak, along with becoming what he feared, is what made Rainsford understand the value of life. All his life he had adored hunting, not so much anymore. His value of life made him fear becoming like Zaroff. Although most fears are harmless, Rainsford’s fear was not something to take lightly, but he handled it with bravery and without giving up. All three things had a significant importance and value that possibly made Rainsford a better person in the
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