The Most Dangerous Game Thesis Statement

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Topic: Compares and Contrasts, “The Lottery” By Shirley Jackson and “The Most Dangerous Game” By Richard Connell

Thesis statement
The two stories having a common theme of murder, violence and selfishness they as well show contrast between the welcoming setting and cruelty of the residents. Jackson’s “The Lottery” and Connell’s “The Dangerous Game” advocates that we should question our surrounding, Jackson insists on questioning beliefs and tradition while Connell addresses knowing our neighbors well. Henceforth, in life we need to get a clear knowledge of our actions as well as those whom we live with.
1. Introduction
The introduction will consist of the thesis statement delivered from the theme put across by the two writers.
2. Body Paragraph
The body paragraph will close examine the themes and how the writers used characters to develop them; it will as well compare and contrast both stories theme and setting.
3. Conclusion
The conclusion will consist of lesson learned from both
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I had a look at two short stories; “The lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, in “The Lottery” Jackson seems to use a live setting but in “The Most Dangerous Game” Connell uses fictional characters. I identified that both stories share a common theme of cruelty and violence. In “The Lottery” the towns’ people participate in a ritual that results to death of an unwilling person so as to satisfy their belief that by sacrificing one of their own will guarantee a plentiful harvest. In “The Most Dangerous Game” humans are hunted as mere animal so as to serve as prey and satisfy desire for a challenge. By comparing the two incidences, the element of violence and cruelty demonstrate the self-centeredness that abounds in each story with the taking of life for
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