Most Dangerous Game Vs High Noon

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They say we tell the same several stories over and over again, the damsel in distress, the story of loss, the same few morals we need to be taught over and over again. “The Most Dangerous Game”, and High Noon are no different. They are a great example of how we retell and rearrange stories to fit the audience. Both stories feature the theme of hunter versus hunted, yet both stories present it differently. Throughout the story you can notice similarities in characters, plot, and even another prominent theme of isolation. One a story about a marshal who’s enemy (that he put away in jail) is coming back for revenge, and the other a story about a hunter captured and used as the animal in a hunting game. They are two sides of the same pen. The…show more content…
Kane is being hunted by his rival, and Rainsford by general Zaroff, another hunter. “In marshals office Kane signs his name to what he has written folds it and writes on it ‘to be opened in the event of my death,”(Foreman 326). He’s so sure he’s going to die that he writes his own will. Rainsford in the beginning of the story says this, “The world is made up of two classes the hunter and the hunted luckily you and I are the hunter,” (Connel 212). And once the game starts he says, “He knew his pursuer was coming he herd the padding of feet on the soft earth and the night breeze brought him the perfume of the generals cigarette,” (Connel). He has become what he has hunted all those years without a care.He fully becomes the prey. A protagonist, usually the hunter, the protector, gets a glimpse into the life of the prey. He faces several challenges all consequences of isolation, and kills the antagonist in the end. Both summaries fit for High Noon, and “The Most Dangerous Game”. The Characters of Will Kane and Rainsford being the most important differences. One a hunter who kills for fun, the other a Marshal who only wants to protect his town. Kane is being hunted for revenge and Rainsford for sport, the main similarity still being the hunters becoming the hunted. These two stories told in different mediums have many striking
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