Important Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship

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1. How can you tell if a relationship is healthy? What are the most important characteristics of a healthy relationship? One can tell that a relationship is healthy where there is mutual respect regarding time, ideas, religion, work schedules and family. Communication is also essential to achieve a healthy relationship to be able to express your feelings and opinions to each other, to work with difficulties and misunderstanding. Support is also vital for a healthy relationship to know that they are there for each other in case of any injury or pebble through the way. 2. Describe how two people in a relationship should communicate with each other. The best way of communicating within a relationship is through respect. As well as any serious conversation should be said face to face. No texting or e-mailing a partner regarding a serious matter than needs talking through to resolve. There is no better form of communication than face to…show more content…
Describe any dating rules that you had to follow in high school that were enforced by your parents. Rules: Return home before 10pm every day including parties and study halls. Not allowed to go to someone else’s home without knowing the parents, the number of the house as well as the location of the house. Never had a sleepover since it was dangerous and menacing 2. Did you have to be a certain age before you were allowed to date anyone? Why? No, there was never a restrain into the age limit for my mom to date. However, she was only allowed to present the boyfriend to my grandmother and grandfather when the relationship was serious. My father was the only one that was presented to my grandparents as it became a serious relationship that lead to marriage. My mom is not sure why she was not enforced a certain age for dating. She believes it is because it brought trust between the parents and the teenager which is essential in a home. 3. Did you have a curfew when you went out with friends or out with a date? Why or why

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