The Most Important Events In History: Industrial Revolution

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The most important event in history: Industrial Revolution
The industrial revolution was the most important, which started around the eighteenth century towards the nineteenth century in Europe. This great event was the fastest spreading event in human history. The capacity of economy and population growth was unexpected especially at the areas in which it flourished. The industrial revolution benefited almost everyone around the world and brought about new social classes, large cities and many new innovations including medical discoveries especially in Britain as it based it is scientific innovations on experiments and practical work rather than theories and logic.
The industrial revolution was the cause of many social,
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Technological innovations can be classified into three main categories; first the innovation of new energy sources, the innovation of military appliances and lastly the innovation of communication means. Before the industrial revolution humans used renewable and organic energies such as wind, wood…etc. As of the major increase in world population in the industrial revolution, many ecological crises come about such as energy shortage as “global energy demands began pushing against the existing local and regional ecological limits” (Strayer, 2012; 828). However, during the industrial revolution the energy crises pushed humans to think of new ways to produce energy for their factories and homes; therefore they had to start using nonrenewable inorganic energies such as natural gas, coal, and oil. This improved the quantity of energy production which solved the shortage problem. As the industrialized nations needed new markets to trade their products at therefore, they had conquer some other states and sell their products. They needed to come up with new innovations accept from religion to use against the conquered nations in Asia and Africa. For this purpose many military types of equipment were invented during the industrial revolution such as machine guns Breach-load rifles and these military advantages helped the Europeans achieve imperial powers over the Asian and African states. New nations also…show more content…
The revolution resulted in the development of a new social class the middle class. This class contained factory, min owners as well as engineers, doctors and lawyers. The flourish of this new social class greatly noticeable in Britain as the British scholars were more practical rather than theoretical. As Strayer explains, the discoveries on atmospheres and vacuums promoted the innovation of the steam engine in Britain (Strayer, 2012; 834). The industrial revolution brought the social status of business men up as they benefited the most from the industrial revolution, it can also be said that the factory and min owners were the sponsors of the industrial revolution. Because of their wealth they got the advantage of living a healthy life in the villages away from the diseases that were spreading in the overcrowded cities. However, the aristocrats lost their social power and were harmed by the industrial revolution. They struggled to keep their power in the parliament but as the industrial revolution grew they became less important to the economy and by the end of the nineteenth century they were replaced by businessmen in the parliament. “The aristocracy’s declining political clout was demonstrated in the 1840s when high tariffs on foreign agricultural imports… were finally abolished” (Strayer, 2012; 837), this is when the aristocrats struggled the most because the taxes were very high and they could not pay their
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