The Most Important Importance Of Business Ethics In Business

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Introduction: In every business there are different environments, some are considered good and others are considered bad but for a good business a good environment is definitely required. This essay will be discussing one of the most important factors to create a good business which is business ethics, the importance of business ethics and why it’s considered so important for the business. Another aspect of the discussion is the responsibilities of a business toward the society and the last discussion is the term of consumer rights and how does help to protect the consumer. Q1 Definition of business ethics: Business ethics can be described as the study of how we ought to conduct business; the study of what makes certain actions within the business context the right, rather than the wrong, thing to do, from a value-based perspective. It often involves making choices between conflicting values. It is about more than obeying the law and it is the concern of all types of organization, not just profit-seeking private companies. Business ethics very important in an organizational: Business ethics very important in the organization because it discuss deeply in ethically then low the low can protect the people but ethics can take care of it more than that, the ethics look for all stakeholder and society. The ethics influence and contribute to employee commitment , investor and customer loyalty and confidence , legal problems and penalties , customer satisfaction the ability to

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